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Unique Divemaster Internships  


A Thought, becoming a Divemaster is often not enough to compete for the best Divemaster jobs. In a world where people are more and more concerned about the well-being of our oceans and coral reef ecosystems, more knowledge is needed about this pristine environment.
Since 2010 many of our internship students always wanted to improve their knowledge about marine life and marine biology. On the other hand, many of our Divemaster candidates wished they would have learned more about the underwater world. So why don’t we just combine those two aspects in one Unique Internship so we did just that.


Learn to be a Divemaster with our Unique Dive Internship that includes not only a Comprehensive Internship at a busy Dive Resort but one that includes learning about the Corals, Fish and the importance of Sharks within the delicate Marine eco-system.


High-Quality Training with Dedicated Divemaster Instructor Mentors, post-training Internships and work experience on another Caribbean Island and Instructor Training Center ... 

Our Eco Divemaster Internship Training is only offered to those serious about becoming a Dive Professional and if you would rather just become a better or more experienced diver then we have other options available ….


We accept all levels of diving certification and even non-divers who want a new challenge are more than welcome. Age is no barrier to becoming a diving professional either. The minimum entry age is 20, as for the oldest, there is no restriction. We have had candidates “retraining” for their new career after they had retired from work at 64 years young!

Not PADI certified, don’t worry, as there are crossovers for all levels of BSAC, SSAC, CMAS, FEDAS, SSI, NAUI, SAA, SAC, etc, so just let us know what agency and what level you are and we will tell you the next certification level required or check our crossover table . English not your first language, no problem, we have had candidates on our internships from more than 15 countries. The Course materials come in many languages, although you must have basic conversational English to start the internship.

Our Eco Divemaster internship candidate places are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
We run the internships all year round, however, in the summer places are very limited due to our popularity. We are unique in allowing YOU to decide when your internship starts! We don’t have start dates as we understand everyone has different schedules and at the end of the day, it’s YOUR internship!


We are totally unique from all other Dive Centers here. We have had 20+ years of experience in the diving industry, and running Dive Centers, and understand that it is not conducive to work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week in the scorching heat, looking after others, whilst trying to learn to be a Professional Diver! You'll work and learn around a busy Dive Center.

Another unique quality of our internships is we operate 6 days per week, so that gives you a free day to explore Roatan and absorb what you have learned, get up to date on your reading, relax by the pool.


During your time with us, you will learn to be a dive guide and teaching assistant. Also, we teach you about Coral's and the abundant Fish and Marine Life and about Sharks and take you Shark diving, as well as teach you how to maintain and service diving equipment and obviously lots and lots of diving!

True Divemaster TrainingMinimum 10 leads and briefings - Included in the Internship is the opportunity to lead our diving guests, we require all our Divemaster Candidates to brief and lead 5 different dives, first 5 dives with groups of fellow candidates or staff members on 5 scheduled dives on the reef. Giving a clear and full briefing, helping everyone in the water and then leading the dive as well as pointing out all the cool marine life and navigating the dive site and returning to the boat without surfacing followed by an additional 5 different dives with leading and briefings with our actual diving guests!

So no pressure...lol  

Throughout your internship, our Team will be on hand to ensure you will have a great time and give you loads of assistance.

Unlimited diving during the duration of your training NO limited dive numbers in the price! “ But remember Training comes first! “


On staff we have PADI Multi-Platinum Course Directors / SSI Instructor Trainer, Staff Instructor’s and MSDT’s & Divemaster’s, who are all there to ensure your Divemaster internship runs smoothly, and that you make the best of all of the opportunities that are presented to you.

The majority of our Divemasters have gone on to use the qualification for employment and continuing their education. 

Please remember our Divemaster Internship Training is offered for those serious about becoming a Dive Professional.

It's a " get involved" Internship where you're submerged in the Dive Center learning all aspects of the Dive Industry, Fun.

If you are just looking for a vacation to become a better or more experienced diver then we have other options available outside the realm of Professional Divemaster Training, such as specific Specialty Courses and Multi-Specialty Packages combined with our Fun Diving Packages. 


 e:mail: goproroatan@gmail.com - Go Pro today !
Eco Divemaster 

Our Eco Divemaster page allows you to gather in more detail what the Internship involves.

Our Comprehensive Internship is second to no one here in the Bay Islands.  ​


It's way more than just a certification ...

A Usual Day 

Read about what a usual day consists of and what is expected of you as an Intern.​

It's a busy 8 hour day in the Dive Industry.


We all learn best when we are guided...

Our Location

Have a look at our Amazing Caribbean location in an idyllic corner of the West Bay Beach in Roatan ​


On-site Accommodation discounts and Bar and Grill within walking distance...

Work Experience

For a Month 4 Lucky Eco-Divemaster Candidates will have the opportunity to work at Dive Resort on the Island of Cayos Cochinos as a Resort Staff Member & Divemaster alongside seasoned Dive Professionals gaining invaluable work experience on a Beautiful UNESCO protected Tropical Island Archipelago.​



Diving Roatan 

Situated at the latter part of the Mesoamerican

Barrier Reef leads to an array of different diving.

Walls, Wrecks, Coral, Shallow, Deep, Night,

Drift, Sand Areas.


With over 90 Dives sites available and short boat rides ... 

New 2019 Prices

Our Divemaster Courses and Internships are available for all types of requirements and timescales.

Prices start at $750.00 for a basic Divemaster


New Programs are being to developed for 2019 to make our Internships even better...

Shark Specialty

Our Eco-Divemaster Internship offers a very unique opportunity to learn about Sharks in their natural environment.

With In-depth Shark Conservation Materials

2 Dives at Cara a Cara point as well as Shark Conservation & Shark Diver Specialty Courses included in the Internship at no extra cost...



Coral & Fish I.D  

As a Dive Professional leading divers safely around the reef it's imperative that you show them interesting marine life and Corals. 


Having a solid foundational knowledge of Corals is essential to ensuring a fun and adventurous dive experience for your divers.

Mares Technician

Mares Factory Sponsored Scuba Regulator Technician Course. A One day Course which includes the on-line portion Digital Learning prior to the hands-on training.

Get a Factory Certificate

for just $249.00 

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