Advanced Diver to Eco Divemaster Price

Currently: Advanced Open Water Certified :

Amazing Value 6-7 Week Internship Maximum : 

Advanced Diver certified - Internship program includes:

This Eco Divemaster Internship - Rescue - EFR - PADI Specialties Package includes:
* Orientation & Fun Diving 
* PADI EFR CPR & 1st Aid with AED 
* PADI EFR Care for Children with AED
* PADI Emergency O2 Specialty
* PADI Rescue Diver Course 
* All Pre Pro - Course Materials & AWARE Certification    
* Comprehensive PADI Divemaster Internship 

* New PADI Divemaster Crewpack
* Unlimited Diving 
* Equipment Rental
* Coral and Fish I.D Presentations  
* Coral and Fish I.D Dives 
* Learn Equipment Repair - inc Regulators & Valves  
* AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty & AWARE Certification 
* 2 Dedicated Shark Dives at " Cara a Cara point 
* Project AWARE - Beach and U/W Cleanups 

* Marine Park Fees

True Divemaster Training: 

Minimum 10 leads and briefings - Included in the Internship is the opportunity to lead our diving guests, we require all our Divemaster Candidates to brief and lead 5 different dives, first 5 dives with groups of fellow candidates or staff members on 5 scheduled dives on the reef. Giving a clear and full briefing, helping everyone in the water and then leading the dive as well as pointing out all the cool marine life and navigating the dive site and returning to the boat without surfacing.

Once comfortable then you'll brief and lead an additional 5 different dives with our actual diving guests! So no  


Does not include :

2021 PADI DM application fee of $128.00

Required PADI Medical 






6 weeks $1799.00 

if you arrive as Advanced Open Water Certified with 20 dives or more.

7 weeks $2099.00 

if you arrive as Advanced Open Water Certified with less than 20 dives.




Unique Ecological Divemaster Training 

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