So what can I do to Prepare for the Trip ?

Preparing for your Internship

What do I need to do, bring and be aware of?


Preparing for the Internship in a Foreign Country!


Here are a few important things to remember and know :

Visa's: Honduras issue Tourist Visa's upon arrival, and you'll get up to 90 days upon arrival in the Country, ensure your Nationality allows you to enter Honduras without any additional requirements before booking your Flights - we can help clarify any questions.

The Maximum stay in Honduras is 120 Days with good reason, it's up to the Immigration Officer if they give you 90 days upon arrival, be polite and sincere and ask for 90 days. 

E: mail us for any clarification on your Country, we can always ask Immigration for you. 


Vaccinations: Your in the Tropic's so get those shots or update old ones!

Check on what your Country recommends for Central America or Honduras in general when Travelling to this area, new viruses/diseases are not uncommon and Government websites are updated constantly. It’s recommended that you update any vaccinations such as Hep A+B – Tetanus – Typhoid, etc ask your Doctor / Clinic for recommendations on traveling to the tropics.

Money: The National Currency of Honduras is the Lempira or abbreviated as Lp or L on prices. U.S$1 = Lp24.67 - 24.50 on average.

The U.S $ Dollar is widely accepted though ripped, torn or damaged bills are usually " NOT " accepted by the Honduran Banks, so business usually will also not accept damaged U.S $ Bills.

The U.S Dollar is widely accepted throughout Roatan, just remember to calculate your transactions.

Lp 24.50 = $1 and Lp 122.50 = $5 and Lp245.00 is $10 as an average of Lp24.50 to a U.S Dollar .

Financial Safety: Losing cash money or becoming a victim of Credit Card Fraud is no Fun whilst Abroad!

Our Advise is purely that, advise. It's your money and yours only.

For Safety of all our Candidates, we advise that you pay by Wire Transfer or PayPal before leaving home so you know the Transaction is complete. 

You can pay via Credit Card once hereafter a deposit for the safety of not having to carry to much cash around or hide.

We advise Candidates to open a New Bank Account before leaving and obtain a New Credit/Debit Card for that Account and separate your main savings from this new account. This will ease the burden on any fraud if it happens. If you need more money for anything you can transfer between your accounts, but have a specific travel account and Card separate from your main funds.

We are by no means saying that there are issues here, but we too live in the Real World and hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. 

In some countries, you can obtain a Pre-Paid Credit/Debit Card for Travelling.

Bringing some cash is advisable for your first week or weeks, but keep it safe! 

For those off the grid, we will gladly keep your cash safe at our home. locked and safe, and you'll have access to it anytime...   

Paying in Honduras :  Purely from a need to know basis, cash is " King " here but there should be no issue paying via Credit/Debit Card in Honduras , Travellers Cheques/Checks take to long to clear so not very popular, though safe, not advisable here to bring money in the form of a Travellers Cheque/Check.

When paying via Credit Card and the Business has a receiving Honduran Bank Account under the agreement from the Bank who issued the Credit Card Machine the business has to pay the fee and not the consumer. So there should be NO Surcharge for paying via Credit Card as its a Business Fee to the Business and not a Transaction Fee for the Consumer. Tax is mandatory in all Countries! 

But there are those who will say otherwise.....   

We DO NOT Charge any Surcharge or Fee for paying via Credit Card once in Honduras! 

Taxes: Local Tax is 15% - Food - Most Services etc   

Hotel and Resort Tax is 19% - Rooms etc

Alcohol Tax is 18% - Beer - Rum etc  

ATM's & Banks: There are a number of ATM's in the West End Village, the most popular is at the Petrosun Gas Station just outside of town a 4-minute walk out of West End or 2 minutes $0.75c Bus ride.

Most Cards accepted through Visa seems to be the easiest to access here. Don't ask me why!

Banks are located in the main Town of Coxon Hole and are open from 9 am to 4 pm Mon-Friday and 8.30am - 12 pm on Saturdays.

Closed Sundays

At the Mall, all the Banks open from 10 am until 6 pm and 10 am - 2 pm on Saturday's and some open on Sundays from 10 am till 2 pm. All have ATM's.

The Airport has a number of ATM's and is 20 minutes away by Cab/Taxi near Coxon Hole. 

Recommendations: For Peace of Mind: We highly recommend that you purchase both Dive & Medical as well as Travel Insurance for any valuables to cover for the full duration of your Internship.

We recommend DAN Insurance for the Diving and a comprehensive Medical/Travel coverage option for peace of mind.

This is Mandatory for the Pro Platinum Work Experience Internship /Program!  


What to bring
• A Laptop or Tablet - For Communication with home ( Very Important ) and some of the Course Material is on PDF Format for studying
• Dive Gear if you have it all 

• Large Towel x 2. One for your Room and 1 for the Dive Shop

• Copies of your Passport x 2, you are required to have I.D on you at all times in Honduras - Passport Page copy is O.K 

• A Rain Jacket or Poncho - Just in case.

• Warm Clothes - Hoodie, Jeans, and stout footwear - Just in case.

• Copies of any NON-SSI Dive Certifications - Diving or Cpr & First Aid etc 

• Your Dive Table if have it, it's not included in the Internships  

• A Small LED Flash Light/Torch - Just in case 

• Any Medications from your Doctor  

• U.S Dollar Cash for a week or so, just in case ATM's closed for a day. 

• A Sense of Humour and a Good Work ethic.

• An RSTC Dive Medical Signed by your Doctor or available here for around $30.


If Anything is missed here, shoot us an e: mail, we'll be happy to answer any questions!



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