A Usual Day as PADI Divemaster at RDC

A typical working day in the life of a PADI Divemaster on Roatan usually starts with a morning walk to the Dive Center at around 7.30am with a quick stop off for Breakfast for a $ 1.00, this commute takes along the edge of the Caribbean Sea as the Tourist Industry comes alive. Water Taxis take workers to the Resorts and Businesses that line the many Beaches of Roatan.

At the Dive Center, the Coffee Pot gets fired up ready to lubricate the Staff, conversations usually start with talk of sightings of amazing marine life at specific dive sites from the bar talk the night before, with dive site schedules being reorganized for the day to catch sight of the new information and sightings. Next up is the boat gets a check over and fuelled ready for the day, tanks are moved along the private dock, guests gear is organized and assembled ready for they're arrival at 8.15am.

At 8.30am the Boat leaves after role call, heading out to a choice of over 100 Dive sites. Staff may ready the Guests Dive Gear for the Roatan Shark Dive where you can dive with 10-20 Grey Reef Sharks ...

At around 10.00 am the boat returns for a surface interval and bathroom break, tanks are changed and rinsed ready to be filled at the Compressor, staff juggles their time as a team between filling tanks, changing gear and meeting new divers for Dive 2 at 10.30am.

PADI Courses start daily so all staff is adaptive to the Customers needs and timescales, never a dull moment in the Dive Industry ...

Around 12.15pm the boat returns from the 2nd dive and once again Tanks and gear are removed rinsed and reconnected and tanks start to be filled, then it's lunchtime. Lunch can be easy to get from $1-$5 depending on your appetite that day.

At 1.45pm the Divers return for the 3rd Dive of the day fed and watered. At 2 pm the boats head out for another dive site and return at around 3.15pm. The end of the day is closed with log books being signed, Fish I.D Books being browsed and sighting clarified ...  


As a Divemaster Candidate, your Dedicated Mentor will ensure each day is productive and the learning curve is never off track.  

Our Eco Divemaster includes unlimited diving in our scuba diving internships coupled with high-Quality Training with Dedicated Mentors specific to the Program to really build your experience, awareness, and comfort in the water as a dive professional.


The island of Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, with plenty of friendly, convenient dive training dotted all over the Island , North and South with over 40+ Dive Centers and Resorts and 2 Cruise ship docks and plenty of Tourists and plenty of work with thousands of visitors each week , work is plenty full and tips are amazing .... 

Roatan represents the traditional Caribbean escape with both fringing and sloping reefs, and over 100+ dive sites with 6 Wrecks, Deep walls, shallow sand patches, and offshore seamounts, great drift dives and a Dedicated Shark Dive, with Guaranteed Shark sightings.

Every year there are a huge number of dive visitors to the island of Roatan, from backpackers on 'gap years' to high-level Hollywood film stars like Richard Gere, Micheal Douglas, Sports stars from the NBA, NFL, they come to Roatan for many different reasons. 


As a PADI Scuba Pro on Roatan, you'll never find a job that has so much variety. With direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston, as well as a Charter Flight from Milan the clientele, is diverse and lots of them.

Sometimes, you'll be introducing a group of international travelers to the delights of the underwater world with the PADI Open Water diver course, guiding beginner students through one of the most unique experiences they can ever engage in. 

The Foundation of Our Eco-Divemaster Internship is the PADI Divemaster Course in which you'll work alongside our experienced IDC Staff Instructors as an Internship format. You’ll learn the many facets and aspects of a Busy PADI Dive Resort from :

At other times in your daily duties you'll learn how to - How to handle Dive Shop customers , size dive gear , keep logs , stocktaking, handle and fill tanks , load boats , complete paperwork , diver observation ,personal dive mastering requests, problem solving and accident management all the way through to safely and confidently leading divers and students around the reef , reef navigation , compass work , work with Students in Training , logistics from working at a Great PADI Facility.

These are a few of the many facets you’ll learn during your Internship on the way to becoming a PADI Divemaster … 


( RDC ) Roatan Dive Center is owned and operated by Platinum Course Director Gary Miller where he and his long-term Staff have but together one of the most comprehensive PADI Training facilities in Central America and the Caribbean in respect of Quality of Training , where you can come and advance your education and training as a dive professional with specialised training in many PADI specialty areas including nitrox, gas blending, equipment repair, and also certifications and training in Full Face Masks coming in 2016 as well as adaptive teaching courses for Handicapped Divers, and dive safety/first aid courses with the Divers Alert Network all coming in 2016.


The Real Beauty of Roatan is it offers 24/7 - 365 Diving, rather than hiding from bad weather Roatan offers a chance to dive the South Shore if the weather becomes too bad on the North Shore meaning your Divemaster Training is never stalled due to the weather...


Becoming a PADI Divemaster is Fun, Hardwork and very rewarding, filling tanks and rinsing gear is all part of the learning curve as is diving some fantastic dive sites.


At the end of each day, the boats are tied up and checked, tanks filled and stored, dive gear is rinsed and hung and ready for the next day.




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