Mares Lab Diving Center Service Technician Course

A Manufactures Dedicated Equipment Course

with Certification

Learn how to Service and Repair Mares Dive Center Equipment 

Minimum Class Size -  2: Candidates

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Mares Lab Diving Center Service Technician Course

Our Eco Divemaster Internship invites you to enroll in Mares Lab Diving Center Service Technician Training Course.

The Course comprises a 1-day training program and an online segment, and trains and qualifies individuals to service and repair Mares products belonging to the Diving Centerline.

This course has two main components:

1. Mares Basic Online

The Basic Online course provides the information to understand the structure and operation of the equipment components most commonly used by the recreational diving industry. This course is a prerequisite requirement to attend most Mares Lab Skill-Based Training Courses. The course goals are to:
1. Establish your basic knowledge level relating to regulator service and repair procedures.
2. Provide you with basic information on regulator design and function.
3. Provide you with Mares-specific information relating to service and repair procedures, manufacturing processes, and product information.
4. Help prepare you for success in one or more Mares Lab Skill-Based Training Courses.

This e-learning program must be completed in its entirety prior to attending the Course.

2. Mares Diving Center Service Technician

This course is designed for technicians who plan to work in a Mares Diving Center, such as a resort or diver training facility that has limited or no retail sale of Mares equipment. Course duration is 1 day and provides skill-based training related to the Mares Diving Center product line.

Take this course if you plan to work in a Mares Diving Center and are interested in being able to service and repair your affiliated Mares Diving Center owned Mares products. Successful completion of the Diving Center Service Technician Course qualifies you to service and repair ONLY your affiliated Diving Center OWNED equipment used in rental and/or training programs.

Prerequisite Requirement: Completion of the Basic Service Technician Digital Learning Course on-line 


Open to all interested parties. Maximum 5 participants per seminar. Pre-registration required. After registering, candidates will receive access to online preparation materials, therefore pre-registration is essential.


Includes All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.

Total - $ 250.00 


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