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The Foundation of Our Eco-Divemaster Internship is the PADI Divemaster Course in which you'll work alongside our experienced Instructors. We do not cut corners at any time and we have no issues with Divemaster Candidates contacting PADI before, during or after the Internship to make sure the Divemaster Course was completed as required by PADI's strict standards. During your Divemaster Internship, you'll be guided and coached on working with student diver certified divers as well as leading your own group of divers around Roatan's Reefs and 90+ dive sites with confidence.
The Internship is divided into knowledge development, skills and stamina, and practical application sections. Through this training, divemaster candidates develop exemplary dive skills including fine-tuning rescue skills. They also gain professional-level knowledge of dive theory, which is the foundation for problem solving and creativity.

Divemasters gain competence as certified assistants and dive supervisors. Certified PADI Divemasters are role models who follow responsible dive practices and demonstrate care for the aquatic environment.

Your knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm for diving help people have fun within their interests and skill levels.

Our Shark Dives & Shark Conservation program you will be participating will include observation, quantification, and Id of different individuals of Caribbean Reef Sharks, if you have a digital UW camera you will be shown what aspect of the sharks you would take a photo of so you could use it as a way to ID a species or individual you will also have a briefing on shark biology and conservation and participate in awareness program with the marine park and Shark Conservation ....

Come join us here in Roatan and learn to be a PADI Divemaster and help us with our Conservation awareness efforts.

Keep reading about what our training on both pages of Our Divemaster Internship details - KEEP Reading... 


The PADI Divemaster Course teaches how to lead Divers safely around the Worlds Oceans - Evaluate Safe Dive Conditions and Practises - Teach PADI Sanctioned Courses - Guide Divers in Training - Sell and Maintain Dive Equipment - Use Search Patterns and Lift Bags and Live the Lifestyle as well as a PADI Dive Professional who Educates Divers about the Major Importance of Shark and Reef Conservation ..............  
Your New PADI - GO PRO Eco Divemaster internship ( DM ) Course


Eco PADI Divemaster Internship Programs :

We specialize in a Quality custom Divemaster internship programs with in-depth Shark and Reef Conservation. Depending on your certification level we can customize a program to your time frame and to where you want to go as a PADI Pro.


Dedicated and Comprehensive PADI Divemaster Internship at Roatan's ONLY Eco Divemaster Diving Center

You'll learn how to teach all versions of the RDP Dive Planners: The E-rdp ML and standard Table format. Your Instructor/mentor will take time to Orientate you on your Divemaster e-Learning Crewpack including an in-depth overview of your very own PADI Instructor Manual as well as learn the PADI system of Education and Standards and Paperwork Knowledge Review #1 is presented by your Instructor and Mentor "live" along with PADI's Latest DVD. during your Training, you'll undertake your Divemaster exams Part 1 and 2 during. With a passing score of at least 75% on each.Plus a whole lot more from the Course Director and Instructor Staff.


Water Skills and Stamina: Now with 24 Skill Curriculum :
Working with the Instructors during the Water skills sessions you'll learn and become competent in 24 valuable skills but learn over 100 important skills from various PADI courses, from the Open Water Course, Adventures in Diving and Rescue Diver Course. It's a number of swims, snorkels, floats just to make sure you're proficient in the water, so nothing to worry about. You'll also increase your current Rescue Skills to Demonstration level and make you proficient in Dive Accident Management.

Workshops - Practical Application Skills and Assessments :
Here you'll get involved with how PADI courses come together and learn how logistics of equipment, people and boat scheduling work. As a Divemaster Candidate you will be treated as a Staff member from day one, and attend Staff meetings. This gets you into the roll a.s .a.p. You'll be submerged ( in more ways than one ) into a Large working Dive Shop /Resort environment. Learning all aspects of how a Dive operation works from people skills to filling tanks and servicing equipment. You'll learn how to safely brief, lead and navigate dive groups around some of Roatan's  90 + dive sites located within the Roatan Marine Park.

Search and Recovery Scenario ( Including Knots and Lift Bag use ) and Deep Dive Scenario.

Conducted Programs Workshops - Scuba Review - DSD & Additional Dives - Skin Diver & DLD.

Practical Assesment - O/W Diver Students in Confined - in Open Water - Con - Ed - Certified Divers.

Practical Application Skills - Dive Site Set up and Management - Mapping - Dive Briefing etc.

All of the learning processes will involve a hands-on approach, especially with Divemaster conducted programs as the Divemaster in overall charge of every detail. Learning about positioning, control, and remediation of a student with learning difficulties. Learn responsible SAFE dive practices and Profiles.


You'll learn how to observe divers, prevent problems, Professional Accident Management, ideas on evaluation, Study Caribbean Marine Life as well as lead divers on multiple dives around Roatan showing them the vast Marine life.  As well as Diver accountability and roll call procedures, how to interact with student divers in training and of course. And of course, you'll - DIVE, DIVE, DIVE  All day every day during your Go Pro Training experience, and we want you to DIVE every day......

As a Go Pro Candidate, we expect you to be professional in appearance, attitude, courteous and punctual all the time during your Training.
These are just a few of the detailed learning curves you'll master during you Go Pro - Divemaster Training. Don't limit yourself.
Take an interest in other PADI Specialty Courses, find out all you can about these courses from a Staff Member or Course Director.
These are just a few of the detailed learning curves you'll master during you Go Pro - Divemaster Training.


Professionalism requirement :

PADI and The Dive Industry, in General, expect you to be at ALL Times - Professional in appearance, attitude, courteous, honest and punctual all the time during your Training and Go Pro Career combined with role model behavior. Divemasters are expected to and follow responsible SAFE dive practices. Even well after Training is completed for the PADI Dive Facility for which they'll work. You are now evaluated on your Professionalism during your Divemaster Training ......


"PLUS a willingness to learn, self-motivation and a sense of humor........


Then it's a two-way street, we cannot teach you anything unless you put your side of the deal in as well and vice versa.
You'll be asked to study in your free time and complete the Knowledge reviews which you would have covered in your Orientation on the first day, so please make an effort to put the work in. 


During your training, you'll study or have studied the Knowledge Development Module which consists of Important topics including :

o The Role and Characteristics of a PADI Divemaster
o Supervising Diving Activities
o Assisting with Student Divers
o On-Line Dive Theory
o Physics
o Physiology
o Equipment
o Decompression theory and dive tables
o Divemaster Conducted Programs
o Specialized Skills and Activities
o The business of Diving
o Awareness of the Dive Environment


This process is the catalyst to you becoming a PADI Divemaster Scuba Pro, we want you to Dive every day at least in the morning unless you're working under the guidance of one of your Mentors involved in another PADI Student-level course. 

You'll listen to Student Briefings and Dive briefings from your Instructors, so listen up soon it will be your turn soon to Brief - Guide and take control of your Divers.

At the end of the dives and student courses days your Instructor will have a one to one with on the day's proceedings - Listen and learn but also Speak up have your say. "What did you see, what did you learn. Ask questions, the more the better.
Have the outgoing enthusiasm to get to know the forever changing Diver Names and faces; you never know that Diver situated at the last tank holder on the port side of the boat might just be your next Boss!

So Over an average of 50+ days of continuous Development and Guidance and Self study, Skill Practice, Leading Dives and Divers, assisting with Divers in Training, Practical Application, and Stamina Skills and Developing all the necessary Additional Skills to become a Very Competent and Employable Divemaster...


Learn in the Caribbeans Most Diverse Eco-System : Roatan is situated on the latter or lower part of the World's Third Largest Barrier Reef - The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef which comprises of amazing diverse Reefs - Walls - Drift Dives & Wrecks such as the EL Aguila - Odyssey - Mr Bud  as well as dedicated Dolphin Dives and Roatan's Famous Shark dive at "Cara a Cara point" on Roatan's South Shore .

The Island is divided into the Northside and Southside of Roatan for reference.
On the Northside, we have a Sloping reef with a number of Amazing Wreck and wall's Dives with truly amazing drop off's that that disappear out of sight. During February to May, we find Whale Sharks passing between ourselves and the neighboring Islands. On the Southside of Roatan, we have a fringing reef system with strong currents and Amazing Drift dives - soft coral formations and some nutrient-rich waters that bring such diverse Marine Life.

Universities from the U.S such as the University of Nebraska and the Loyola Marymount University in California often complete Annual Reef Surveys and Marine Biology Projects. Roatan has the Most Diverse Reef system in the Caribbean.


Plus a whole lot more ........


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