Our Coral Lectures & Dives 


Put together by Marine Biologist is a Basic Coral overview through dedicated Coral Lectures and Coral I.D Dives.

The specifics are to enhance knowledge and understanding of the Coral Reef, its function, importance and how it can be conserved.

We require Candidates to be self-motivated in learning the different corals, during dives and through post-dive referencing. 


Included in the Coral I.D Dives are dedicated I.D Dives and snorkeling around Roatan's Reef System in the Mesoamerican Reef chain, that's all of the full coastline of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. 


The Main Curriculum includes:

Importance of Coral Reefs

Understanding Coral Reef Systems 

Complex Life on the Coral Reef

Coral Diseases & Bleaching 

How to protect the Reef

Coral I.D


What we want to achieve is to teach you the importance and responsibility of preserving the underwater aquatic environment and its

Marine Biodiversity. And for you the Candidate to able to identify a large number of the different corals ready for when you lead your divers.

Coral reefs cover around 600,000 square kilometres/230,000 square miles, which is less than one percent of the sea bottom

yet are vital because they are:

Nursery grounds to 25 percent of marine species.

Home to nearly 33 percent of all known fish species.

The Atlantic Ocean contains about 15 percent of the world’s coral reefs, with about 70 coral species and 500 fish species.



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